A Plant-Based Future



Health Starts with Food


We believe in sustainable health.

To achieve that, we strive to minimize waste

and maximize quality.

And we happen to make delicious food.

Come share a meal? 

“I want to make sure that people have the chance to get healthier food options”

– Christabelle Dozeman

Our Mission:

Health Focused, Quality Oriented, Sustainability Driven,

Nutritious Food for YOU!

Our Vision:

Every Community enjoying a sustainable and healthy,


Environmentally Sustainable Health Systems: A Strategic Document

A vision for an environmentally sustainable health system is put forth, as being a health system that improves, maintains or restores health, while minimizing negative impacts on the environment and leveraging opportunities to restore and improve it, to the benefit of the health and well-being of current and future generations.

World Health Organization – Document Link

Environmentally Sustainable Health Systems

Abstract: “This review provides evidence to illustrate the environmental impact of health systems in Europe, the potential benefits of fostering environmental sustainability in health systems and the barriers to and incentives for such action”

World Health Organization – Report Link

Promoting and Managing Change Towards Environmentally Sustainable Health Systems

Abstract: “Improved environmental sustainability in health systems (ESHS) can yield benefits for patients, practitioners, health systems functions and the environment and supports the strategic objectives of Health 2020.”

World Health Organization – Report Link

In the Spotlight

News & Recognition

It takes a community to build a business and we are so grateful for ours!




Flavor Combinations


What We Offer

Plant-Based Meals

Plant-based meals are a huge thing to be aware of. Realizing not every meal needs to be centered around meat is beneficial for sustainability and health!

Fresh Ingredients

A healthy meal starts with fresh ingredients. At VEG-N, we strive to source locally for an experience that is farm to food truck.

Unique Taste

From the drinks to the sweets we build layers of flavor. This is what makes our Plant-Based American Classics great. VEG-N is food re-imagined

Unique Menu

Let our Veg-Chefs create an expreience for you with a burger of the day or make your own with the custom menu.

Authentic Cuisine

Our recipes were created inhouse and now we are growing to try and make as many ingredients as we can inhouse too.

House Made Drinks

Our Flavor-Miestro has tasked herself with custom drinks from local ingredients. . . enjoy!

Hours of Operation

11:30AM – 8:00PM

4:00PM – 8:00PM

11:30AM – 8:00PM


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Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!