Catering by VEG-N


Let VEG-N Cater the Event for a Delicious Plant-Based Memory!

VEG-N’s On-Demand Catering can accommodate events for less than 40 people.

For events with more than 40 people, please submit an event form and we will work out the details with you shortly.


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feast & Celebrate

Share A Meal

Let VEG-N take the food stress worries and provide a perfect plant-based menu spread for your occasion.

With Years of Event Experience, we can provide for any side occasion, just choose your plant-based dishes!


Share a plant-based meal

Catering Menu

Our Sharable Catering Menu Has Something for Everyone, from the family “flexitarian” looking for something familiar but with a vegan twist, the the “unsureitarian” that will still go for mac & cheese. [It’s All Plant-Based]






What We Offer

Flexible Planning

VEG-N is ready to help your event go smoothly & well fed, whether its next week or next year.

Fresh Ingredients

The sooner we have a final event menu, the sooner we can work with our supply chain for maximum food freshness.

Tasty Meals

Share a meal, share a memory. The food speaks for itself and the party will be talking about it long after.

Creative Chefs

Work with our VEG-Chefs to create a custom menu for a lasting memory. We have something tasty for everyone.

Authentic Cuisine

We all know that Instagram Eats First. VEG-N twists on classic american dishes will create conversation and great pics.

Colombian Roasted Coffee

Keep the event going with premium coffee. Coffee can make the difference between a party and a pity.